Patriot List for Maricopa Chapter, NSDAR, Members

Each member of the Maricopa Chapter, NSDAR, is proud to have direct bloodline lineage connecting her to a Patriot who aided the cause of the American Revolutionary War through military, civil or patriotic service.



Hezekiah Beecher, PVT
Thomas Bidwell, CAPT
Eleazer Butler, PVT
Simon Loomis, PVT, TMS
Solomon Loomis, PVT
George Martin, III, MM
Timothy Munson, SGT
Joel Roberts, PVT
Thomas Spring, CPL


Hypolite Chauvin, PS



James Allison, LT


Benjamin Carpenter, PVT
Jonathan Clark, LT
John Davis, SGT
Joseph Fay, PVT
Isaac Fletcher, PVT
Robert Hamilton, LT
Jonas Haynes, SGT
Charles Kilbourn, PVT
Enos Ludden, PVT
Henry Washington Richardson, CPL
Samuel Wood, PVT
Reuben Wright, PVT

New Jersey
New Jersey

New Jersey

Obadian Brown, LT
Benjamin Fort, Jr., PVT
Isaac Martin, PVT
Timothy Meeker, Sr., SOL
William Smith, CAPT

New York

Elijah Eaton, PVT
Consider Law, PVT
John Robinson, SOL

New York
New York
North Caroliana
North Caroliana

North Carolina

Elias Barnes, PS
William Bonner, PVT
William Coffin, PS
Joseph Harding, MAJ, CS, PS
​Jonathan Hunt, PS
John Hunt, PVT
​William Rankin, PS
Edward Riggs, PS
Peter Seynor, Jr., SOL
John Tate, SOL
Andrew Wilson, CAPT


Benjamin Coe, Sr., PS
Benjamin Coe, Jr., LT
Samuel Crockett, PVT
Jonathan Harnet, LT
Abram Hendricks, LT
George Michael Immel, PVT
George Adam Koiner, PS
Michael Koiner, PS
Thomas Laidley, CAPT
Elias Miller, PVT
Jacob Reiner, PVT
Peter Smith, PVT
Michael Stock, PVT
Richard Tennant, II, NONCOM
Thomas Williamson, PVT, CS
Nathaniel Wilson, PVT
Abraham Wotring, LT

Rhode Island
Rhode Island

Rhode Island

Eber Angell, CAPT
Eleazar Ballou, SOL
Thomas Seamans, SOL
Bernard Wood, II, PVT

South Carolina

John Brown, PVT
William Drennan, CS, PS, SOL
William McClintock, SOL
Micajah Reeder, SOL
Billington Taylor, PVT

South Carolina
South Carolina


Johann Adam Bible, PS
Alexander Breckenridge, CAPT
Thomas Burton, PS
Terrence Connor, PVT
James Deakins, PVT
Casper Everly, PS
Michael Everman, PS
Peter Guerrant, CAPT, PS
David Herndon, PS
Thomas Jameson, SGT
Thomas McGriff, SOL, PS
Robert Moseley, PS
Thomas Moseley, PVT
John Peden, PS
Daniel Peyton, SOL
James Peyton, PVT
Philip Peyton, PS
Valentine Peyton, ENS
Ashcraft Roach, PS
James Roach, PVT
Thomas Womble, PS


Patriot Legend

CAPT — Captain
COL — Colonel
CPL — Corporal 
CS — Civil Service
ENS — Ensign 
2LT – Second Lieutenant
LT — Lieutenant
LTC – Lieutenant Colonel

MM — Minute Man
NONCOM — Non-Commissioned Officer

PS — Patriotic Service 
PVT — Private 
SGT — Sergeant 
SGM — Sergeant Major
SOL — Soldier 
STAFFOF – Staff Officer
— Teamster  

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